Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day Two

Last night I had a mini orientation meeting where we got a tour throught the building and such. Afterwards a 6 of us decided to go check out a pub (Sorry Mom). It was Australia Day here yesterday which is a holiday where they celebrate Australia's independence...but is really just an excuse to drink. So we hung out there for a while and then headed home to get some much needed sleep.
So today started out with the first day of orientation. Met up with our neighbors, Jack and Kyle, and headed to North Campus. London Met has two campuses and this is the one where I will be taking all of my classes so it was nice to get a feel for the area. We went to King's cross station and got an oyster card that will serve as my tube/ bus pass for the next week or so until I can get the student one--which gives me an extra 30% off of travel. Once we got to our destination it toook only minutes to spot the building--it was painted bright purple (the school's color)--we are pretty sure they do this so that drunk Americans can find it. Nido is decorated with flashy colors on the outside as well, so we figure that is the intention. Orientation went well. I have my class timetable now. I have 1 class on monday and 3 on tuesday...and that's it. Jealous? So that gives me a five day weekend which I am will not be complaining about anytime soon.
After the orientation meeting Dani, Jack, Kyle and I decided to walk back to Nido. So we explored/ got lost in Islington, a borough near where I live. After a little while we stopped in one of the little food joints to get some food. London's version of fast food is amazing. In the U.S. this usually means that food is ready for you and sloppy. Here is just means the speed in which they make it. I ate fish and chips, because you have to right? We then headed home, took a break, and then ventured out for more exploring. We headed off to Regent's Park, which was gorgeous, and saw some cool plants/ animals there. The ducks and geese are much friendlier. In the U.S. I would be afraind of an attack from a goose but here they are very pleasant--must be the environment, very proper. ;) It's great to be in winter and see green on the ground instead of brown. We then headed over to Abbey Road and saw the studio where the Beatles recorded their album. The wall out in front is where everyone writes and graffittis, so we left our marks as well. After that we headed home to give the feet some rest. Throughout this entire adventure we kept getting lost. London doesn't believe in the "you are here" signs on public placed maps and they don't really like street signs either...But it was still a fun day and we saw some cool stuff.

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