Sunday, March 22, 2009

So this weekend wasn't anything too exciting, trying to not spend too much money since I go to Ireland Thursday.

But Friday night Sam, Jack, Mike and I went to a nearby theatre called Vue and watched Duplicity. Its the Clive Owen and Julia Roberts film. It just came out on Friday here, but I am guessing that's been out for a bit back home? Well I thought it was a great film. One of those that you could watch it a few times and each time you would catch something different. If Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the Italian Job had a love child it would be this movie. Afterwards we wandered around for a little while and then went to the HobGoblin, a pub nearby that we had never been to before. It had a pretty cool atmosphere so we might go back there again.

Saturday, I "researched," i.e. sat on the computer and watched Youtube videos. I have 2 papers that are due not this monday but the next. The thing is that I wont be back in London, from Ireland, until monday morning. So I have to get both of them done before I leave. Which maybe if they weren't a big waste of time and dealt with topics I cared about...I would be working on them.

Today was a lot of procrastination mixed with actually work but progress is progress right?

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