Sunday, April 5, 2009

Katie and Alyssa with friends

So Katie and Alyssa are going on spring break with me. Alyssa arrived in London wednesday afternoon and Katie, thursday morning. Since their arrival I have been playing tour guide and showing them many attractions in the city. Which has worn me down quite a bit. Very tired today. We leave for Venice early this morning-have to head to the bus station at 3am. From their we're going to catch a bus that is taking us to the airport which will take an hour and 15 min. We arrive in Venice at 9:25 which is 3:25 for you guys at home. We expect to be at our hostel by noon and hopefully seeing a little bit of the city by 3. Probably going to need a mini nap before we can explore a bit. And since the Ireland trip, I am really nervous to fly. At least this time I chose airport check-in instead of online so that will save me the hassle of that stupid stamp. I am pretty excited and it doesn't seem real.

Here's the rough itinerary for those curious:
Monday Apr 6th-Fly to Venice
Thursday Apr 9th-Fly to Rome
Sunday Apr 12th- Fly to Barcelona
Tuesday Apr 14th-Fly to Madrid
Thursday Apr 16th-Fly to London

Alrighty here's my last post before I leave. Italy here I come!

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