Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wales: Coasteering, Kayaking

Hey Guys. So these are some of the pictures from my camera I took with for the Coasteering and kayaking adventures. They are not necessarily in order but, Saturday afternoon we coasteered and Sunday morning our kayaking took place.

Me. All geared up and ready to go.

The climb down to the base.

Me. Off of one of our last jumps.

After one of the jumps. Man was the water cold at first.

Some of the cliffs/ rocks we jumped from.

More climbing.

Some action shots. I think this one is Mike, from the back him and Jack looked the same so I may be wrong.

More action. This is Tristan.

The beach we went to to begin kayaking.

A view from the water.

Putting the gear away. I was off bandaging the hands.

Some caves we got to check out.

Jack, Sam & Me. We were having a blast!

Me. Pre-accident. You can actually see the rocks behind me--that's where I wiped out.

The group. Alison, Dani, Jack, Mike, Me, Sam & Tristan.

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