Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Art, Comments and Scotland. Oh My.

So nothing too special too report. There is an art supply store that is roughly 10 blocks or so from my building and today they had student day where everything was 15% off for students even on items already discounted and with ID you got this cool bag and a couple of free items. So today I went and checked it out. It was a great store, really. So I dabbled and bought some new amazing paint brushes that are absolutely gorgeous, marker pens, and a sketch book. Then when I checked out I got this cool canvas tote with a free tube of paint, sketch pencil, and notepad. How cool is that? Well it pretty much made my day.

Other news- well I know some of you were having troubles commenting on the blog and such and I finally checked it out and made it so anyone should be able to post. you wont need to make an account at all. So feel free to do so if you wish.

And Dani's parents are getting in today, so she is pretty excited. She's actually in the process of picking them up from the airport.

Sunday I am going to Scotland, finally, to visit with my friend Alyssa. The same friend I spent part of spring break with. This will be my last trip while here and lets me complete in seeing all the countries of the UK. Excited but I have a ton of work to get done before I go. So I am going to start that now.

Ta Ta

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