Friday, May 15, 2009


In order to complete my travels throughout the UK, I had to visit Scotland. Lucky for me, Alyssa is studying in Glasgow which gave me the perfect excuse to visit. The only downside is that my final project for my web design class is due next week, so trying to find time that I can leave and not really work on it was a bit hard. So I left for Glasgow Sunday night, my bus left at 11:00pm. The bus ride was 8hrs. or so, sounds like a ton of fun right? Well no, I will be honest, I wanted to kill myself, or others, after about 2 hrs. The beginning of the ride started out fine, I had a window seat the and one next to me was empty. But there was an odd couple sitting in front of me, old people, and children present. Individually not bad, but combined-not my favorite. I swear, if the people around me could have heard my inner thoughts they would've thought I was a crazy, homicidal maniac. It got worse halfway through when one girl decided to play musical seats and asked to sit next to me. As uninviting as I tried to make myself look, she still had the guts to ask me and I am not the kind of person who says no-so a seat buddy I gained. Yay (big sarcasm). I finally arrived to Glasgow and waited a few minutes for Alyssa. A familiar face. Yes! We walked to the nearest subway and took it to a stop closer to her flat. I have never been on such a small subway in my life! It was so tiny. Heightwise if you were above 6 ft. you'd have to duck to get in. Crazy stuff. It is quite the trek to her flat, let me tell ya. Not anything terrible but a lot longer than I would have guessed and dragging my suitcase up a hill was not the funnest thing I have ever experienced. But we arrived safely. I was incredibly tired so opted to take a nap, Alyssa agreed. We napped for a few hours and finally decided to get up and see some of the city. She went and showed me around part of her campus. It was gorgeous and the main building looked like a castle out of a Harry Potter film. The campus is also on one of the high points of the city so there was an amazing view on the edge. I could've sat there all afternoon but Alyssa insisted on showing me other places, equally as cool. We then went to go meet some her friends at a bar called Nude. They were serving mojitos for 2 pounds. It was cool to finally meet some of the people I had been hearing stories about-and they were all very nice people. From there we went to a pub called Curlers. There was a football match going on, the place was pretty busy, and there wasn't a lack of men. We hung out here for the rest of the night. It was very entertaining to say the least-watching the people surrounding me was very fun. One of Alyssa's friends sat and went on and on about how much I look like Anne Hathaway. I think it was for at least 30 min. Seriously, I get it, yes I kind of look like her at times, let it go people. Then we just headed home. Tuesday we woke up around 10 or 11. Her friends planned to have a picnic in a park, Kelvingrove. I was very lucky with weather while I was in Glasgow so the picnic was really fun. It was sunny and very green-loved it. Alyssa and some of her friends started to play frisbee-I chose to sun bathe. Afterwards, Alyssa took me down to the city center and showed me around there. Alyssa wanted to do a little shopping so we bummed around some stores. She bought a pair of pants and a shirt, I was content with being a consultant. She then showed me St. George's Square. It was cool but there was construction being done on it so it was hard to appreciate. By that time it was starting to get really cold so we headed back to Alyssa's and hung out there for the night. We went to this website called "" It was hilarious. You should all give it a look if you haven't already. Wednesday we slept in and by we I mean I woke up at 9:30 and Alyssa did so at 1. I pretty much just entertained myself via youtube for four hours. Don't get me wrong though-it's officially my favorite past time. When we finally headed off to great the day, Alyssa took my to the Cathedral and the necropolis. Both were really cool. The necropolis had an amazing view of the city. Even better it was another sunny day. The necropolis was my favorite thing to see. I know it sounds weird but I always thought cemeteries were cool and pretty--in a dark, emo rocker sort of way. So walking around the different grave stones was really cool. Yes I get how disturbing that sounds. From here we had to walk back towards Alyssa's campus to meet up with some of her friends and partake in what they call "Secret Wednesdays." Secret Wednesdays is where Alyssa and three of her friends go to this bar the G.U. to have one pound drinks. It is called secret wednesdays because they don't tell all of their friends of their ritual. They hoard the drinks to themselves--sounds like the startings of some great alcoholics eh? Alyssa has me worried. From there we just went back to Alyssa's flat for a couple of hours before I had to go to the bus station and take a night bus back to London. Glasgow was really fun and a nice city, but I was starting to miss London. The ride back was fine except I didn't get any sleep and was very cold on the bus. So i got back to my room around 7:30am and slept until 4pm. I had to get up at 4 so that I could get ready to go to the end of the year jolly that the school was putting on for us. Details to follow.

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