Saturday, May 2, 2009

You're still the same to me

Well there's nothing new to report really. Just bored and sick of writing the mound of papers that I have to finish. Dani along with all of my friends here, except Jack, have gone away for the weekend and while my friends have flown off to France and Spain, I remain here. I have found I have an addiction to YouTube--a website where you can watch pretty much anything you can imagine; stuff from illegally posted TV shows to a short clip of a walrus doing sit-ups (yes this exists and I have watched it a few times). But I find that even that along with Facebook, email, and itunes cannot entertain me. You may ask yourself why I am not out exploring the city, mean I am in London for pete's sake, but I am not allowing myself to do anything fun until I get my work done. Well, I am a big procrastinator and even my procrastination is no fun. I mean I am writing this right in essence I am procrastinating my procrastination--I live a sad life huh?
Anywho I thought I would add in some fun facts about myself just for kicks (yes I am that bored) so here are 5 things you may not know about me, yes even you mom.

1. When I was in the 6th grade I wanted to be a professional boxer.
2. My first pet was a guinea pig named Oliver.
3. I've eaten a habenero pepper for a dare. Don't do it.
4. I own a '96 Thunderbird. jealous? ha
5. I once stayed up and watched the movie Good Burger in an all night marathon with my cousin Sara. We watched it 13 times.

Ok back to work for me.

Oh and yes the swine flu crisis has reached us here. It ridiculous and no I haven't caught it.

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