Friday, February 27, 2009

Hey Guys!
I haven't written in a while...sorry. I know some of you check this regularly. 

But this week was pretty fun. Wednesday, to my delight, someone didn't show up to Dani's theatre class so there was an extra ticket to Twelfth Night! I was ecstatic and leaped at the opportunity--and for only 10 pounds so roughly $14---not bad! The play was amazing, great actors. We were up at the top balcony but we could see everything so the height didnt matter there. The height did matter because it was a bit higher than liked and my phobia came into view. At one point, I asked Dani, "Do you feel like the chairs are leaning forward?" She just laughed and was like, "You need to calm down." We were at the 2nd or third balcony and it was a rather steep set up so it was not my favorite. But, like I said the  play was amazing, and had some great actors in it.
Thursday, Dani and I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum. Which is just about as big as the British Museum. We didnt even have enough time to see everything before they closed. So we are already planning on a trip back there. I didnt know we would be able to take pictures inside so I have none. But I will put some of Dani's up later. 
And now I am rushing to write this because I am going to Wales for the weekend and I have to leave in about 10 min and I haven't finished packing--oh don't you just love procrastination? I do. So I am going to end this prematurely and fi it when I get back. Check back in for the details on Wales too. Bye! 

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