Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yesterday I had my first classes at London Met. I was pretty nervous and excited. My art class sounds like it will be my favorite for the next four months, the others, I could do without but I guess they will have to do. I made some friends in my film studies class which helped with some anxiety....I was afraid of being a dumb american so pretty much didn't open my mouth (surprised?) all day unless a question was directed only to me. But it should be a fun semester.
Then today I ventured out and went to the post office and waited in a rather long queue behind some not so intelligent people. After there, I wandered to Carphone Warehouse to buy my mobile phone for here. And what a doozie that turned into. I got lost again, and I still have no idea how it happen but I basically walked into the opposite direction for 10 min. I then wandered the streets in what I hoped was the correct direction and did eventually make it home, I was pretty proud of myself. But that's what I get for walking aroud London without a map or stopping to ask for directions. All in all, I walked around for an extra 30-40 minutes.
But to make up for it, Dani came back from her theatre class with an extra ticket for a play tonight. So now I am going to go see A Midsummer Night's Dream...which is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. Big smile on this kids face! What a day.


  1. is your art class art in london?
    who is your professor?

  2. umm I have two there names are Julie Colmenares and Margot Bannerman...yeah it's my art in London class :)