Sunday, February 8, 2009

As suggested by Caitlin, I stood on the red carpet of the BAFTAs today. They are basically the British Oscars and a great opportunity to see some stars. I woke up at 6 am this morning so I could go downtown in attempts to acquire a wristband which was needed to enter the gates and stand in the public pens. I waited in a queue for 2 hours to recieve one and this assigned me a number for later. We went home and came back at 2 as they told us then they began listing off numbers that were allowed to enter, they did them in groups of 10. Even though this numeriocal system was in order people still felt the need to push and shove, which was rather annoying. After in the pens, we waited 'til about 5. This is when celebrities started showing up but the ones I was interested in waited 'til 6 or later. I got to see some great people; Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Ron Howard, Goldie Hawn and many, many more. Some were very sociable and attempted to sign as many things as their publicists would let them, while other were not my favorites. Sharon Stone was bordeline rude, but I didn't expect much from her. It was crazy as these celebrities were arriving. People were shouting and pushy not the greatest atmosphere to get a smile from a celebrity. And this is where my Brad Pitt story comes in. I was able to get Brad's autograph and shared a moment with him. You may be wondering about the latter so here it goes...and the risk of sounding like a little school girl here's what happened...Brad and Angelina arrived and everyone went nuts. They tried to sign many, many things and stopped for pictures. While Angelina didn't really come by me, Brad stopped directly in front of me. Best day ever. After he signed a couple of things I gently held up my notepad, he signed it, and then looked up and saw me. He paused and smiled back and then continued may sound pretty lame. But he sure is gorgeous when you look at him in the eyes. I do have witnesses to this amazing event; Dani mentioned it to me a little later and said she had saw it. So I am not crazy. Unfortunately, I kinda wish it was under circumstances, like when I wasn't drenched and looking sloppy. But, I guess the best way to get his attention to not shove and shout but rather stand and smile. But I couldn't have shouted if I wanted to, I was so awe struck all I could do was stand there staring/ smiling at him. I didn't really even get a picture because of it....It was a pretty great day I must say def. a highlight. Oh and I also got signatures from, Emma Watson (Harry Potter), Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire), and Jonathon Ross (a british TV host that I love). Enjoy the pictures, I only posted the ones where you could see the people...

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