Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thanks for staying tuned :)

So, I havent posted in a couple of days and it wasn't until I received an email from my mother, that I knew how devasting this could be for you. So here is a brief update on the last couple of days...

Well Monday and Tuesday consisted of attending classes and thats about it. Tuesday I have class from 10:30 am 'til 9 pm so it was quite a long day, I doubt I will ever be able to squeeze something exciting in on tuesdays. Oh well, I get a five day weekend so I shouldn't complain.

Wednesday I slept in and then decided to wander down to Oxford St. which is comparable to the "Magnificant Mile" in Chicago. Pretty much a huge street of shopping opportunities. I planned on not spending any money and just looking around and surely that didnt work out. It started when I found a pair of plastic aviator sunglasses. I owned a pair of these, you may remember them. Well, they broke early in the summer and I have been devasted since, so when I found them for 1 pound, I had to buy them right? Well i did which led me to also purchasing socks, a necklace, and 3 scarves. I couldnt just purchase the sunglasses that would've looked silly, but I still spent around 11 pounds shopping so that wasn't a huge dent to the wallet anyway....

And today, Dani and I, went to The National Portrait Gallery. It is connected to the National Gallery but has seperate displays. Some were really cool and I bought a print of John Tunnard's self portrait from the gift shop. Look it up.

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