Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today was a rather blah day in the city but I went a little stir crazy just sitting in my room. So, I decided to take the tube down to Hyde Park. I then walked around there for a little while, stopped by the Serpentine, and did some drawing. It was a little chilly just sitting on the bench so I walked around some more. After there, I walked through Wellington Place and Green Park up to Buckingham Palace. As I was walking to the Palace, I was listening to my iPod and not really paying attention. This was my downfall, because I was walking in the cycling lane, accidentally of course--not paying attention to where my feet were, when an elderly man riding a bike came up behind me. I didn't hear him coming until he was a foot behind away. He then scolded and yelled at me for being in the way. After I realized what I had done wrong, I felt terrible and decided to go home. I don't usually get shouted at very often, so when I do I just shut down and get sad. I sulked all the way to my building. I still feel bad/ guilty about it. Oh well, live and learn, right? But it was a nice day anyway. :)

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