Sunday, February 22, 2009

So this weekend wasn't anything particularly exciting but we had some fun. The trip to Wales has caused us to cut down on spending so that we'll have some money for there...some odd attempt at us being responsible I suppose. Friday, Sam, Dani, Mike and I went to a store called Primark. It is this really affordable store that kind of reminds me of Forever 21 from back home. For the Wales trip we were advised to bring a cheap pair of shoes that can get soaked and such for some of the adventures, like coastering (in essence cliff jumping into the Atlantic). This store was our first choice because of its affordablility. We ended up settling on these shoes that are basically a knock off of converse--figured they would be light enough that they wouldn't bother us to swim in. We also thought it would be fun to get funky colors since we are already going to look silly in our wetsuits, life jacket, and helmets. Mike was the only one able to do so and bought some bright green ones. The girls and I didnt have the options of colors so we had to choose black, white, or grey. We also thought these would help tell us apart in pics anyway--different shoes. Saturday was gorgeous and sunny so a couple of us went to Hyde Park and walked around there the entire afternoon. I saw some great scenery along with the famous Peter Pan statue and Princess Diana Memorial fountain. Afterwards we decided to get some ice cream and I tried a scoop of rum and raisin....Let's just say to my surprise there was more rum than anything else in that. All you would need is a bucket of it and some sunglasses and you would be set for the evening. We headed home and today I had a very sad attempt of getting caught up/ ahead on some homework. I have only opened a new word document....3 hours ago...oops.

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